A Trip South

I have spent the last two weeks working in our Christchurch office, and yes – I experienced a couple of tremors. One which gently rocked the bed back and forth, and the other was a hefty jolt in the middle of a meeting. General response was “4.3? Nah, 4.1” – and we carried on.

Because I couldn’t nip back home for the weekend, I headed further south on a road trip to Oamaru with a new yarnista pal, who I met briefly IRL, but got to know online. Our Saturday started around 9am and we headed off to… Ashford in Ashburton! Halleluia! We spent an inordinate amount of time oohing and aahing over everything in the shop, I pondered the pros and cons of purchasing a Joy wheel right then but instead opted for 1kg of chocolate merino and 2 balls of Noro Kureyon for another Hitchhiker scarf. And some needles, because it was of course necessary to cast on right then.

Two hours later we made our way across the hallway to the cafe where we fortified ourselves for the trip to Oamaru, and I cast on the Noro Hitchhiker.

Another two hours (and several blink-and-you-miss-them hamlets) later, we arrived in Oamaru and promptly hit the pub for a drink to wash the dust from our throats. Then it was shoppity-shop-shop, wander around and in and out of all the cool stores in the Historic Quarter, lots of photos, munchies at the Most Awesome Bakery Ever, coffees… and generally satisfying mooching about.

We had the best time on this road trip and we’re so glad we made the effort. Next time we’ll stop off and visit every town we go through, and be sure to overnight in Oamaru – a sweet little town that is not to be missed if you’re heading south.

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