A very happy (fibre) birthday

I celebrated my mumble mumble birthday today with friends – fibre friends. We went to Black Salt Bar in New Lynn – a styley new neighbourhood bar and restaurant. Food’s great, so are the drinks.

It was actually a Knit Rangers ‘Irregular Winos’ night, and my birthday happened to coincide, so it was a double-happy of an evening for all of us. What made it even more special for me was… I got prezzies! Looky-look:

Yarn Bouquet 1
A ‘yarn bouquet’ from Jasmine – hilarious!

Dyed Silk From Sarah
A wee bump of hand-dyed tussah silk from Sarah

Some practically edible body scrub from Kimberly, cupcakes from Ginny, and hugs and birthday wishes all round! Top night!

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