And for my birthday…

…I got this! It was a present to myself. It’s a Takamine D51SN – solid spruce top, mahogany sides, rosewood neck, at least 5 years old, so it’s really got its tone on. And boy, it can kick out some volume. This is my first steel string acoustic guitar and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.

My Epiphone is feeling a little neglected, but it’s not being completely ignored. Have I said lately how much I’m loving learning guitar? Well, I am. It’s also causing a general reinvigoration of my musical education, such as it is, insofar as I’ve been contemplating getting another piano – acoustic, not digital though. But NO! There is no. more. room. I must be sensible. Yes.

2 thoughts on “And for my birthday…”

  1. Good job! Looks like a great guitar. I taught myself to play a few years ago, and it has brought a lot of joy into my life. And as for another piano, who needs sensible? 🙂

  2. Oh yes, sensible is fast becoming sense-less… as I eye up furniture that could be sold/relocated to make room for a piano… hehe

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