Angelfish – done!

At last I have wrestled my Angelfish merino (from Southern Cross Fibre) into submission.

Angelfish - Australian Merino top

Bit of a mission because the original colour split left me with quite a lot of honey-coloured single left over, which needed to be plied with an equal amount of blue/purple. So I rummaged through my collection for a mere 26g of blue/purple merino, came pretty close, and spun it up.

Angelfish 1

Plied like a crazy woman last night and left it on the niddynoddy overnight. The look was achieved by splitting the two main colourways, which in turn had companion colours. Can’t recall now why I did it like this though – I think I had a project in mind… but maybe not. Anyway, it’s a purty li’l yarn baby…

Angelfish 2