Autumn Home Show

I worked on the Creative Fibre stand at the Autumn Home Show this weekend. There is some wonderful talent there, that’s for sure. I got LOADS of spinning done – finished off my Spunky Eclectic Passion and will be spending a good long while plying the singles, methinks… Still, I hope to have some decent yardage at the end of it to make up a lace shawl.

Have started spinning the oh-so-luscious (T)horny Devil from David at Southern Cross Fibre. The colours are just amazing, so to preserve them, I’m going to Navajo-ply it when I’m done… all yummy 8oz of it. It’s destined to be socks – for me!

While at the Show, a couple of us got talking about creating an online presence for the Auckland Area groups of Creative Fibre, seeing as progress on the national website seems to have stalled – and we wanna show our stuff! So, I whipped one up on Saturday night, which has been well received (phew!).

Go visit at: Creative Fibre Auckland

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