Back in Town

Now that I’ve returned from the shaky South, it’s time to catch up… and display the goodies purchased on my aforementioned road trip to Oamaru.

After a week’s work, the Hitchhiker scarf in Noro Kureyon is coming along nicely. I’m loving the colour gradations, and have been assured that this yarn will relax and bloom after washing. Probably not very bright of me to purchase sock yarn for wearing round my neck, but the colours were irresistable:

Noro Kureyon Hitchhiker

Whilst at Ashford, I reluctantly put aside the thought of purchasing a Joy spinning wheel (the treadle action is soooo smooth!) and instead got 2 x 500g bumps of soft chocolate brown merino. This is destined for a jumper, either this winter or next – depends how fast I can spin it up:

Ashford Chocolate Merino

In Oamaru, we came across the Oamaru Textile Exchange, which I’d been reading about last month in the Creative Fibre magazine, so it was lovely to actually set foot in the place. I didn’t see any yarn that grabbed my fancy, so got this 3-in-1 tote and Doe Arnot’s handy book on spinning camelid fibre:

Oamaru Textile Exchange

My spinning mojo has also returned, and inbetween doing some rows on the Hitchhiker, I’m finishing off Hades from Southern Cross Fibre:

Southern Cross Fibre: Hades

God knows what I’ll knit with it, but it may turn out to just be colourwork edging to something. Not sure yet. Anyway, that’s where I’m at with all my projects. The never-ending Upstairs Shawl is taking a break, but will be dragged out again as soon as the Hitchhiker is done.

That is all. As you were.