Bathroom progress

There is progress in the bathroom! The gib is all on, bath installed, first coat of plaster went on on Friday, second coat this morning. Yesterday, friends helped me take all the building waste to the tip… it’s good to see the grass again.

I tried to be a good greenie and get the metal waste recycled, but the scrap metal merchants a) pay mere cents per kilo for steel, and b) don’t pick up under less than 2 tonnes. So it all went to the tip.

The local refuse station is a fun place. You get to be wantonly destructive by doing such things as hiffing your old loo in a wide arc to smash into a million satisfying little pieces of porcelain. Cool!

And the old steel bath is now destined to be a herb garden. Now that’s recycling!

2 thoughts on “Bathroom progress”

  1. Is this a good time to mention the fireplace? You know you need a new bathroom to get over the trauma of that business!

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