Bathroom Reno – done!

My bathroom reno started 2 years ago in July 2009. I got halfway and… yeahhh. After some serious world class procrastination, suddenly the day arrived and I’d had enough. Tiles were purchased, where they sat for a few months as my tiler recovered from a heart attack, completed other jobs, and juggled a busy family – but finally the day arrived. A plumber was brought in to whip out the vanity and bathtaps, and the tiles were laid. Next a local flooring company was brought in to lay vinyl, a sparky to install the heated towel rail (ooh, luxury!), and finally the plumber brought back to re-install the vanity and bathtaps.

There’s a little bit more work to do (install a mirror, more towel rails, paint the door and change the 70s hardware for brushed stainless steel) – but it’s all stuff I can do myself. Have power tools, will use them!

Finally the worst room in the house, is the nicest.

The kitchen is now in my gunsights for Q1 next year. Procrastination will not be an issue as I will have the money ready by then, along with a design. I will also tell myself to be brave and ask for help with the demolition (this is going to be a full refit). Have plan, will work it.

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