Bathroom Renovations

I have ripped out my bathroom.

Well, not me — my builder. Cleverly, I neglected to take ‘before’ photos, so all anyone is ever going to see of my once-horrendous bathroom is this:


You’re looking at where the old bath and its hideous sliding doors were. The wooden surround on the bath was rotten and moulding and completely disgusting. I was afraid when everything got ripped out that there’d be rotten framing – but no! Lucky me!


The shower is in and working and I love it 99%. The remaining 1% is because the pressure’s not quite strong enough, and the mixer is very sensitive. Both of which I can live with.

Having fully gotten into the swing of renovating my own home, I have spent up large (but prudently) on a new bath, vanity, toilet, matching mixers for bath and basin, standard waste for the bath, and a pop-up one for the basin. Before this week, I had no idea what a “waste” was. After shelling out over $100 for a shower waste, I am now fully informed. Fortunately, the other two were a mere smidgeon of that cost.

The sparky came this morning to install the new heat lamp/light/fan fixture, although he’s screwed the switchplate hard against the framing, rather than leaving it hanging so the Gib can be installed. Hopefully my clever builder will know what to do. Without electrocuting himself of course. I’m skeered of switches n stuff. Comes from having zapped myself on them far too many times…

Installing the vanity will be the last thing to do before the decoration phase. It won’t be arriving until Wednesday/Thursday. Buggerdamnblast — means I have to get the plumber and builder back. Again. I’ve learned a lot with this reno, like — purchase EVERYTHING before you start. What a gumby. Anyway, I’ll be better prepared when it’s time to do the kitchen. Which will probably be about a year away at the rate I’m chewing through the budget! Still, it’s been cheaper than the $10,000-$20,000+ quotes I got last year. Bit unfortunate, really. Particularly as I’ve finally settled on a layout that will work. Oh well, I’ll just have to make an effort to curb my spending (giggle) and save more (guffaw) to see if I can make a little dent in what’s been spent on this project. Preferably before I retire or die of old age – whichever comes first.

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