Blowing Hot and Cold

I am stash-busting!

Now that I can see the full scale of my fibre stash, I am afraid. Fortunately, I am more afraid of an ‘intervention’, so have committed to spinning my way through my handpaint stash.

It will be fun. I am not at all daunted. Much…

First things first: clear the bobbins. I did a count of how many different fibres I had on bobbins. There were six: alpaca, Gotland, Bombyx Mori silk, Tussah silk, polwarth/tencel and polwarth top. Did I mention I have the attention span of a goldfish? Well, now you know.

After two weeks of spinning every single night (I am SO good!), I have now cleared several bobbins. First off the bobbins was Antarctica from Southern Cross Fibre:

Southern Cross Fibre: Antarctica

Next was the luscious Hades (polwarth x tencel), also from Southern Cross Fibre, all spun, plied and skeined:

Southern Cross Fibre: Hades

Then it’s back to my psuedo-nemesis: silk. When it behaves, it’s a dream to spin, but when you can’t stay ahead of the drafting zone, it’s a nightmare! Next post will be my proud triumph over both my much-neglected stash of Bombyx Mori and Tussah:

Bombyx Mori Silk

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