Citrus Rescue

The lemon tree has been doing poorly (yes, that scraggly thing on the right).

Citrus garden - before

With yellow leaves, pathetic fruiting and general twigginess, I thought it might like a bit of organic dirt to munch.

The lime tree, whilst very leafy and fruity, is monstrously afflicted with some sticky bug, which I believe is common to citrus trees. Being a plucky little thing, it’s managed to fruit on regardless. However, seeing as I was feeding the lemon tree, I thought I’d do likewise for the lime tree.

Besides, their patches should match:

Citrus garden - after

And that’s all I managed to get done today. I blame the life-sucking humidity that is Auckland weather at the moment. In fact, I almost wished for rain, but managed to refrain from such silliness. I mean, honestly, I know that once this summer weather is over (in the next week or two), we’ll have endless rainy and generally craptastic weather until December.

So I shan’t complain.

Today’s creative effort: Ah, New Zealand, you pretty green thing!

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