Clean-up time!

Today I tackled the yard for the first time in months. Picked up all the cabbage tree fronds, cut the wisteria tendrils, and swept the paths:

Front path - swept

Then I tackled the barbeque. I bought this 5 years ago for my 40th. Since used twice. I think I thought I’d be entertaining more, but no. It was dreadfully rusted and I was going to just biff it in the next inorganic collection, but decided to apply a bit of elbow grease and hey presto – it’s usable again. I wouldn’t cook anything on the bare plates, so will look at getting them replaced. Otherwise, tinfoil will do the trick. This is me using One Rescued BBQ to cook dinner this evening (Piquant Chicken):

BBQ - cleaned

After dinner, the citrus garden got weeded. Lime on the left, lemon on the right. I’m watering the lemon tree with Epsom Salts to see if that’ll green the leaves again. Also gypsumed the soil to continue breaking up the clay. Will get some more compost and check about the yellowing leaves in case the Salts aren’t enough to restore it to health.

Citrus garden - weeded

Also completed two of the tunics shown in the previous post, so it’s been a Very Busy Day! My back is now so sore. Time for me to go visit the osteo again…

One thought on “Clean-up time!”

  1. brillant job mate – can’t wait to see those tops on the person! Sewing, gardening, BBQ-beautification what a day – no wonder the back hurts ! MY hint for the BBQ plates is keep an eye out in the inorganic days – everyone chucks them out and you can nick the grills. Give them a good burn to take all the old stuff off.

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