Crochet Mitred Square Blanket progress

This week I’ve been pushing away at getting my crochet mitred square blanket completed. I’ve used up some more stash yarn, and now need to spin more of the Corriedale background yarn (the natural coloured yarn). There are about 30 more squares to go. How do I know? I’ve completed the design layout. Yes, I have whipped up a design template in Adobe Illustrator so I can sew everything in the right order. It’s not OCD, it’s being organised… (cough)

Crochet Mitre Squares

While I was admiring the growing stack of squares, I spotted Ruby taking a snooze on the now vacant loom table. The sun had moved off it but left it all warm. How thoughtful of me to leave the table there for her convenience… guess she’ll miss it when I move it back to the craft room. Heh.

Ruby - sleepy puss

Progress is also being made on the crochet chevron cushion cover, but am a little conflicted as to what cushion inner to use. Spotlight were completely out of the size I wanted (typical), so I got a flat foam piece instead. However, because the chevron pattern ‘concertinas’, I’m not sure if it’ll stay flat. I’ll block the finished cover but as there’s a mix of natural and synthetic fibres, I’m not sure how successful that will be. If it doesn’t work, I’ll wait till Spotlight restock the cushion inner I want, then have another go. The flat foam can always be used for something else.

Purchased at the same time was a round piece of flat foam. This is to complete a circular cover that was crocheted some time ago. OMG, do you know how tricky it is to crochet a circle and keep it flat? Tricky, that’s what. It used up a pile of stash yarn bits, as well as the side piece, but another circular piece needs to be done. At the rate I’m destashing, I may have to BUY some yarn soon! Cripes!

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  1. I’ve been de-stashing as well – except it’s boring old baby booties – not exciting crochet! Am sure you will work out the flat circle, your a legend on the hook – if not just imagine a big Ruby bottom squishing it flat!!

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