Disturbed in Concert

I went to Disturbed!

3 May 2011, Vector Arena, Auckland. Opening acts: These Four Walls (missed them but heard they were really good), As I Lay Dying (pretty good), Trivium (frickin awesome), and finally – Disturbed.

The thing with being a fan of a band for some time without ever having seen them live, is that when you finally do get to seem them live – it’s ridiculously exciting! Not being anywhere near as inhibited (or perhaps weary??) as my lovely co-worker, who came with me, I rocked my ass off all night. Isn’t it great when you know enough of the lyrics to sing along – loudly, tunelessly, fearlessly! The guys did a great job, although the sound at Vector is pretty shit, I have to say. My camera took crappy pics (couldn’t focus because of the lurid stage screens) yet didn’t do too bad with video. Unfortunately, it recorded the sound sans distortion and it would appear that David was singing rather flat. Live, that’s not really an issue, cos you can’t tell! So I’m still deliberating over whether to post the video as is, or overdub with the studio version. I’ll see.

Plus – it was loud. Really loud. So loud that after the concert my ears actually hurt. It was epic – I love me a good rock concert.

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