Double Crochet Throw – Finished

It must be said that I am a World Class Procrastinator. If I can dither about endlessly to not complete something I’m not particularly invested in, I will do it – with bells on. For example, I have been wildly successful in my efforts to take forever and a day on the home DIY front. Really, I’m awesome. You should see the place. Er… perhaps not. But the bathroom’s looking pretty swish, if I do say so myself.

I’m also pretty awesome at UFOs. Starting projects? Not a problem. Finishing the buggers? Not so much. However, I have applied the cane to my butt and not only finished making sufficient squares for my Double Crochet Throw, but actually joined them together! Into a Real Live Throw! Amazingly, it only took a few minutes to assemble them in a pleasing non-patterny layout:

After much angsting about what kind of join to do, I settled on a double crochet join, so you end up with a visible seam on one side (the right side) and a flat seam on the other (the wrong side). All threads were worked in as I went, which prevented that whole life-sucking drama of weaving in your ends. Took a couple of evenings to complete the joining and… ta daaaa!

I had a particular friend in mind when making this throw, and I’m pleased to report that she did exactly what I thought she’d do: snuggled it.