Duck Feet


That’s what I heard coming from my sunroom. Going to investigate, this is what I saw tromping around on the roof:


The feet of one of the neighbourhood ducks. He was giving the cabbage tree a bit of a grooming…

5 thoughts on “Duck Feet”

  1. I agree – a great abstract. Actually had to look, and look again, and re read the words about the whereabouts of the duck for the image to make sense to me – but without it making sense, it’s definitely a great abstract and I almost prefered not making sense of it when I first glances at it – it looked like oversized ghostly duck prints, the shot taken from above, not below, on a wooden deck. An interesting image indeed. Well done.

  2. Now you’re all making me wish I’d kept a high res version of this! (grin) The ducks have quite some personality, that’s for sure – everyone’s cats all keep a respectful distance. Mr & Mrs Duck and busy courting, so no doubt we’ll see the results come spring…

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