Easter Show Spinning

Score! I got to help out on the Alpaca Fibre stand during the Easter Show over the long weekend, which basically meant spinning alpaca all day long. Such a hardship…

This was my first go at spinning alpaca, having been a bit nervous because extra twist is needed to form the single. Fortunately, I got a little tip earlier in the week – just hang onto the twist a little longer than I normally do. Hey presto – the difference was unbelievable, especially when I remember to count. For my rate of spin, a count of 2-3 seems to form a firm single and an even ply. It’s going to take some practice to get consistent at it, but I’m encouraged with the early results. I’m spinning some incredibly soft superfine (22.41 micron) fibre from Paqocha Alpaca off an animal named LeStat. Hey! A vampire alpaca!

After two days of spinning – interspersed with talking to people about the differences between wool and alpaca, and spinning in general, this is what I wound up with:

Alpaca - LeStat

In a stroke of luck, the stall next to us was displaying beribboned Show fleeces and as they struck the stall on the Friday, the breeders were getting rid of as much as they could. I put my hand up and came away with this beautiful caramel/light tan fleece (about 22 microns) from Gilt Edge Alpacas, from an animal named Jasper:

Gilt Edge Alpacas - Jasper

Can’t wait to get this washed and carded at Jumbuck Carding!