Felted Singles and Salad Spinners

I came across a post in Ravelry about how someone had used a salad spinner to dye their yarn. Thinking it might come in handy when washing handspun skeins, I bought one:

Salad Spinner

Enamoured with the idea of spinning singles for felting, I spun away, liked what was produced, gently felted the wound skein and laid it in the salad spinner:

Felted Singles

The salad spinner worked a treat! Best fibre gadget ever invented. So much better than swinging the skeins around your head like a madwoman. After weighting it with 800g cans for 24 hours and reskeining it, this is what I wound up with:

Merino top, 'Rosella', 180m, 18wpi

Merino top, ‘Rosella’, 180m (196yd), 18wpi
This is Australian merino top from Come In Spinner. This is my first felted single and am hoping to get 720m out of the 8oz purchased.