First Fleeces

Amazing how one thing leads to another – I got these two fleeces through a friend at work, who just happens to be a spinner too. In fact, a bit of an ‘old hand’ and a speedy knitter too, by the sound of it. She knew someone who had some Romney fleeces to sell, sent me some sample locks and before I knew it, two big fat bags of raw fleece had been delivered to my desk. And thus I have become even more deeply enabled into my fibre addiction…

These are the sample locks:
Romney Locks

This is the Vanilla Romney fleece. I’ll be getting this professionally washed and carded:
Romney Fleece - Vanilla

This is the Dark Grey Romney fleece which I’ll be spinning in the grease so I can better preserve the colour variations:
Romney Fleece - Dark Grey

Never having seen a fleece before, I’m now beginning to comprehend just how much work will be involved in spinning this up… a LOT!! Wuh oh…