Getting there…

In the past 3 weeks, lots of progress has been made on the bathroom. The plastering was finished (that took a week), then I spent two days slapping on paint to the upper half of the walls (the lower half will be tiled).

I have to say that I seriously hatehatehate painting. There is nothing duller than painting on one coat after the other. Even worse, when you have to use a sealer (gloopy) then mould-resistant paint (even gloopier). It could probably do with a fourth coat, but I’m out of paint and I am so. over. it.

So I just don’t look too closely. And neither should you if you come visiting.

On the upside, the plumbing was finished last Monday so that was very exciting! I could hardly wait to get the tradies outta there so I could clean and polish. Had to wait till the following evening before taking the tub for a test drive though.

The bath is much deeper than the old one. Mmmm…

Yeah, anyway, enough of this blathering. Here’s some pics:

Painting. Done. Finally.

A working shower. And I didn’t drip a drop of paint on it! Am awesome.

Pre-plumbing in of taps and wastes

Post-plumbing in of taps and wastes

The first Radox bath!

I’ll have some fibre-related posts here soon. Promise. Am working on several projects. Really I am!

3 thoughts on “Getting there…”

  1. Eeee! Wonderful!

    One of my friends years ago painted the side of her bath (because she was an artist, and because the house she was living in was condemned and would be pulled down eventually anyway) with a large, fat naked woman, reclining. The effect was stunning.

    I think you should do something similar. It would make the painting SO much more fun. 🙂

  2. @BadAunt: Hey you! I must drop by and see how life is in Osaka – sorry I’ve not been around lately 🙂

    Yes, I think that’s an awesome idea. Will definitely put that on my list of Serious Things To Consider. I can see it now… oh wait, no… it’s morphing into Brad Pitt… (giggle)

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