Guitar Lesson the First

I have had my very first guitar lesson!

In a weird mix of nerves and excitement, I tackled the basics, such as holding it correctly. Yes, that makes a huge difference. Hold it upright against you, not leaning back so you can see the fretboard – that’s a no-no. You lean over the guitar to see the fretboard (until such time as you don’t need to, of course). Also, hold it horizontally – not with the neck sticking up in the air like you’re some kind of stage-rocking axemonster. This also makes a huge difference. And now I know.

Next was learning some chords (A, E, D) and strum patterns. Well, that was pretty hilarious… fumble, fumble, fumble. Fortunately, the thought of making mistakes no longer makes me freeze like a possum in headlights – as instructed, I just kept strumming and let my other hand fumble merrily away. I’m secure in the knowledge that eventually the two will connect.

The half hour flew by and I’m looking forward to a week of tender fingertips and much chord-fumbling, as I practice these three chords, a bunch of strum patterns and the 12-bar blues thingummyjiggie…

Meanwhile, I’ll go torture myself by watching clips of SRV on YouTube…

Incidentally, this is my guitar teacher:

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