I Attack The Hedge

Today I purchased one of these:

The new hedgetrimmer

To hack away at this:

The hedge - before

Which ended up looking like this:

The hedge - after

There is still work to do, obviously. Hopefully the neighbours will take me up on my offer to loan them my spanky new hedgetrimmer and do their side. Next step is to chainsaw the trellis half off. Then hopefully the chainsaw can slip in under the wire fencing and lop off the ivy treetrunks. I guess the next step will be to chop the wire fence into sections and biff it. Some more digging to get rid of the ivy roots and we should be ready for a new fence some time this year.

I am now sunburned and knackered and my hands barely work. Top effort!

Today’s creative effort: I love physics. It’s magic in the mind.

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