I buy a guitar!

EpiphoneLesPaul After months and months of vascillating, I took the plunge and bought a guitar!

Yes… it’s a mid-life crisis thing, but as far as crises go, this one is fun and I’m completely failing to see the crisis bit. Got a great deal at Rockshop Sylvia Park – Epiphone Les Paul (sweet tones for both rock and blues) and a Marshall 15w amp (great set of basic features and the sound is so much better than the little loaner I had ages ago). Also came with bag, lead and strap – for just under $700.

Now the hard part – learning to play. I wish learning an instrument was easy, but no. However, I enjoy guitar way more than piano, plus I unburied my Irish whistles this evening to go through my repertoire of slow airs and was much encouraged to discover that even after months of not playing, it all came back as easy as falling off a log.

All going well, I’ll be able to knock out a few tunes before the end of summer… wish me luck…

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