I’m doing stuff… honest!

Cripes, haven’t updated here since February. But this doesn’t mean to say I’ve been idle. Oh no – far from it! I have been working away on my first attempt at laceweight singles (not quite there yet, but getting closer)…

Spunky Eclectic 'Passions' corriedale/alpaca blend

…have finished my FIRST EVER pair of hand-knitted socks (which rock, if I do say so myself), and am currently working on my second pair – with a pattern I’ve cobbled together all by myself. Am v proud.

First Socks

Then I became so enchanted by the whole sock thing, that I went a little mad at Joy of Yarn and Vintage Purls. JOY for glorious sock yarn, and VP for needles. I’m planning a surprise ‘sock’ package for a friend. Just me being an evil enabler… heh heh…

Now that I’ve seen and handled Noro Kureyon, I won’t be inflicting it on a sock newbie, so this lot will be for me:

Noro Kureyon Noro Kureyon

Also made my first pair of booties for prem babies (completely forgot to take pics), purchased another pile of fibre heaven from David (this time for me and Sue). It was two lots of Snowgum for Sue, two lots of Thorny Devil for me, and David gave me the third lot of Snowgum for my birthday! I luffs that guy.

SCF Feb Update

…which I cannot wait to spin, but must stick to finishing the socks first.

Plus cramming in a whole pile of the other stuff which makes up my busy life. Beats being a couch potato, that’s for sure!