Inkle Loom beginnings

I’ve long wanted an inkle loom, so decided to take the plunge and get myself one (bc Christmas!). First time warping was a bit of a struggle to figure out, which was to be expected, so I gave myself a whole afternoon to figure it out. Expectations were also set low as to the quality of my first piece, which was a good decision as I learned a lot about how to maintain tension and keeping the edges neat. Very glad I spent extra and bought 5/2 cotton from the same vendor (Wheels & Whorls), as I think cheap substitution from my stash would have delivered a disappointing result. As it is, the resulting strap was very satisfying, including that ‘fresh cotton’ scent. The other challenge was keeping a close eye on the warping path. The number of times I missed a peg and didn’t notice till later! All in all, this is a fun and satisfying addition to my textile collection.

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