Journeying Into Rock

I got into heavy metal rather late in the piece. Not that I was unaware of the genre, but for whatever set of reasons, I never needed music that aggressive before. Yet I was never really caught by any genre in particular.

Then I hit my mid-years… and everything changed. Around that time, you have a bit of a ‘meltdown’. All the things you didn’t do earlier in life, the issues you didn’t deal with and resolve, come back to bite you in the ass. Commonly known as the ‘mid-life crisis’, it can be a non-event, completely traumatic, or just plain life-changing in a variety of ways and intensities.

For me, I had ‘issues’ with certain persons that hadn’t really resolved themselves to my complete satisfaction. I was after total annihilation, but over time have settled to said persons ‘reaping what they sowed’. It was actually very karmic but nevertheless, an ember of vengeful anger still smouldered within. Turns out that hard rock and heavy metal was my ‘saving grace’ insofar as finding a safe outlet, a genre that I could actually relate to (finally!!), and a far-flung community of like-minded rockers.

Friends think I’m merely having a mid-life crisis. I think it’s a lot more than that…

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