Judas Priest Takes Home The GRAMMY!

Judas Priest, the most awesome heavy metal band ever, won the GRAMMY last night for Best Metal Performance!! I just knew it was going to go to them, but I was still blown away when the results finally appeared on the GRAMMY website.

I may have even got a little teary.

It is an undisputed fact that Judas Priest has had the most enormous influence within the heavy metal genre. And how many of us can say that we stuck to our passion, through thick and thin, for over 40 years? Not many, that’s for sure. So this win is thoroughly well-deserved, even if a helluva long time coming.

Congratulations to Rob, KK, Glen, Ian and Scott. PRIEST FOREVER! m/ m/

HOT DAMN! Does it get any cooler than this? Rob Halford and Scott Travis with Judas Priest’s GRAMMY Award for Best Metal Performance.

Scott Travis and Rob Halford on the red carpet at the 52nd GRAMMY Awards Pre-Telecast.

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