Yes, I’m off to KAN (Knit August Nights) on Friday – can’t wait! I’m frantically knitting up squares for one workshop, getting a WIP off the needles so I can put another one on them (Koolhaas Hat by Jared Flood), making sure my needles and hooks are all in their cases, scissors and what-not are at the ready. Oh yeah – better pack some clothes and stuff I guess.

Oh wait! Photos of the stash-busting blankets. Must remember to do that. Even better, finish the handspun blanket. Jeebus, I can’t believe I’ve crocheted an entire blanket in HANDSPUN FIBRE! It’s been a wonderful winter project though. Maybe just a few more rows to use up those last balls… mind you, it hasn’t made a huge dent in my fibre stash. I foresee a whole lot of overdyeing being done in Spring/Summer. There’s no way I want to wear natural mid-tan alpaca (two fleeces), but it’ll look amazing as a base for orange, red, blue, green. Then there’s that milky-tea show fleece (omg, such a fine micron) which I’m going to have to consult with fibre pals at length about. The horror if I ruin it!

Then there’s a fine Gotland fleece in for washing and carding at the moment. I’m going to experiment with that. I foresee something utilizing the natural shine of that fibre, but in DK weight, loosely knitted so the garment has some drape. There will be much to discuss at KAN… and beyond!

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