Knit Like There’s No-One Looking

Today I decided to knit like the wind and finish my Hitchhiker shawlette. Thankfully MySky had recorded several hours worth of stuff, so I sat in front of the telly in my PJs (as you do) and went like the clappers. Quite some hours later, this was the result:

Hitchhiker Scarf

I am very pleased with the result, even though a couple of stitches got mucked up, but never mind. Now I’m back onto the Upstairs Shawl. The never-ending Upstairs Shawl. Which I’ll be giving away anyway, seeing as the colour’s wrong for me… feh. Anywayyyy…

This left me just enough time to go see my friends in Beyondsemble, an Auckland-based band who do the most eclectic mix of “Genre Defying Folk, Jazz, Gypsy, Tango, Bluegrass, Celtic, Latin, Rocksteady” music you’ll ever hear! They had a gig out on Waiheke, so we made a night of it by heading over at 4.30pm to set up (well, the boys did), go for a walk on the beach (that’d be the girls), Indian restaurant for dinner, then the gig itself – which was fabulous! Beyondsemble are always great entertainment, as well as being 4 fabulously talented musicians.


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