Knitting Needle Knitting Bag

KnittingNeedleBag2How much do I love this bag! It’s the Knitting Needle Knitting Bag free pattern from Knitting Daily. The berry stitch is just adorable and feels so deliciously scrunchy! I didn’t have the wool called for in the pattern, but successfully substituted it for Ashford Tekapo, a 100% pure New Zealand wool (5 balls). This is an 8 ply wool, but I double-stranded it and it’s worked a treat. The lining is an old curtain I’ve been hanging on to for years and years – just because I couldn’t bear to throw such beautiful material away. Mother would be proud. (hi Ma!)

5 thoughts on “Knitting Needle Knitting Bag”

  1. Wonderful job on the knitting needle bag!! I love it!! I’ve been debating about tackling this bag for myself! I keep going back and looking at the pattern and I like it more each time I see it!
    Great use of the curtain!! Isn’t it great when things “come together” so nicely??

  2. Your bag is gorgeous. I love the color, it stand out beautifully. This bag was an easy knit and viola you have a gorgeous bag. NICE WORK!!

    Michele in Washington, DC

  3. I’m thinking of making this bag, but a little deeper. I’m still a beginner at knitting so I thought you might be able to give your opinion here. I’m thinking that I wouldn’t need to alter the pattern at all, just keep going for a few more rows. What do you think?

  4. Hi Lisa. Yes, that’s what I did – added a few more rows before doing the Decrease row. Just ensure you end on Row 4 as per the pattern.

    If I remember correctly, my bag is about 2-3″ taller than the pattern and is now the perfect size for stuffing my knitting into!

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