Off The Wheel

A couple of weekends ago I decided I’d better hurry up and finish some of the handpainted fibre I have lying about looking gorgeous.

The first lot to be tackled was the Honey On Toast I purchased from Jessicah of Spinning A Yarn at the recent Red Hill Spin In. Excellent merino top, and although the dye job didn’t saturate the fibre as thoroughly as I normally like it, the undyed parts gave a subtle variegated effect during both spinning and plying. Here’s the unspun fibre:

Spinning A Yarn - Honey On Toast

And here it is all spun and plied (still have to measure yardage and metreage):
Spinning a Yarn - Honey On Toast

I tried to be clever and tie the hank on the niddynoddy a different way. It fell off, got horribly tangled and very nearly got binned before extraordinary patience and perseverance saved the day. Grrr…

Next was some superb romney top from David of Southern Cross Fibre called Binary Sunset (a play on Star Wars… figure it out).

SCF - BinarySunset

This was chain-plied without a tensioned lazy kate, which is without doubt the worst way to use this plying technique! Just about gave up in frustration as the single corkscrewed horribly and repeatedly at all the wrong places, but again – extraordinary patience and perseverance saved the day. Take that, you Awful Single, you!

One day I’m going to try proper 3-ply. On a tensioned lazy kate of course.