Q1 Bag Swap – what I made

I made another Knitting Needle Knitting Bag for my swap partner, lined it and stuffed it full of New Zealand goodies. Happily, she loved it!

The swap was so much fun, and it seems like everyone else enjoyed themselves too, so we’re going it again. If you want to join in, pop on over to the Bag-A-Licious group at Ravelry.

First skein

Tonight I learned how to ply my crazy-ass first spinning attempts. Apparently it was very good for a beginner. Something to do with how the skein didn’t twist. I’m encouraged. 😉

Gwendolyn Doll

GwendolynDoll In my meandering through the yarnie goodness that is Ravelry, I came across a pattern for what I can only call crochet art dolls. They were so cute, and I was grateful all over again for the arrival of my little niece. So I purchased a couple of patterns from Gourmet Crochet, one for the Gwendolyn Doll, the other for the Favrielle Doll, which I’ll be doing at some stage in the not too distant future.

Bramble Bag – in progress

The next bag I’m working on is Berroco’s Bramble Bag. The only tricky bit will be getting nice handles like in the pattern. If I can’t find anything local, I may order them from Homestead Heirlooms. Hope they ship overseas… Anyway, here’s a pic of where I’m up to. I started it several weeks ago but couldn’t figure out the pattern. Left it alone for a while, came back to it and the pattern just ‘came together’. Love it when that happens…

Bramble Bag - started

The finished bag…

Bramble Bag - Finished

Bramble Bag - Lining

Bramble Bag - Tabs and Lining Detail

Knitting Needle Knitting Bag

KnittingNeedleBag2How much do I love this bag! It’s the Knitting Needle Knitting Bag free pattern from Knitting Daily. The berry stitch is just adorable and feels so deliciously scrunchy! I didn’t have the wool called for in the pattern, but successfully substituted it for Ashford Tekapo, a 100% pure New Zealand wool (5 balls). This is an 8 ply wool, but I double-stranded it and it’s worked a treat. The lining is an old curtain I’ve been hanging on to for years and years – just because I couldn’t bear to throw such beautiful material away. Mother would be proud. (hi Ma!)

Little Coco Felted Tote

At long last I’ve been able to make some serious crafting time. I’ve been wanting to make a felted bag for soooooo long, and finally found time to have a go. This is the first handbag I’ve ever made, as well as my first attempt at felting. Despite 5 hot washes, the cream wool didn’t felt too well. However, it’s still a sweet little bag (now it’s been embellished). I’ve just done another one in the reverse of these colours, and the pink has felted beautifully. As soon as it’s dried and finished, I’ll post a pic.

And then there were afghans

No, not the biscuit. Or the people. Or the dogs. Or the clothing (cringe). No. I’m talking about the afghan throw. Blanket. Snuggly. Y’know. It’s the first afghan I made. Took ages to find a pattern that I actually liked. The typical granny square ones make me want to choke. Disgusting things. This one’s made in a lavender soft cotton mix. It has a good weight to it and covers a single bed nicely.