Purl Bee Penguin

OMG, are these cute or what?! Well of course they are. Who doesn’t love penguins? It’s like saying baby polar bears are fugly. Pfft. If I can inch past the knitting and the spinning and the buggered shoulder from said knitting and spinning, then I’m going to make some. My fabric stash is massive and increasing. I try not to think too much about the fact that it’s not lovely cotton print quilting material, but is in fact interiors swatches (albeit gorgeous Mokum Fabrics interiors swatches) liberated from their swatchbooks. I’m going to need a gruntier sewing machine than the plastic pipsqueak currently in residence…

Instructions for making them are at Purl Bee, and be prepared to get lost in this wonderful site as you see more and more lovely things to make. There’s just.so.much!

Incidentally, I haven’t been idle these past weeks. I’ve been destashing the fibre stash and have now spun up 4 lots of Southern Cross Fibre Club Fibre from aaages ago. I’ve also not neglected the Cultivated Vines sweater – the back is done and I’m a third through the front. Are there mistakes? Of course. Will it fit? I have no idea. Do I care? Not a whit. Well, not yet anyway.

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