Relaxing, Deswatching, and Weird Followers

I really don’t like long distance driving. It stresses me out, due in large part to the rude morons who think it’s perfectly OK to tailgate – at 100 kph. (Cripes, this reminds me of my Wired JAFA days)

Anyhoo… I particularly enjoy the day after returning home, especially when I’m not working, as it gives me loads of time to unwind. Which is exactly what I did today. The Hitchhiker scarf got a bunch more rows slapped on it, then I deswatched another swatch book from this pile…

…to get a pile of cotton/linen toile swatches like these:

What am I going to do with them? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

In other news… there are some damn strange people following me on Twitter. We have nothing in common, I don’t follow them back, yet there they are. Why is that? Bloody weirdos.

Today’s creative effort: When more people care, more will change for the better…

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