SCF Border Crossing

SCF Border Crossing

More beautifully dyed Australian merino top from Southern Cross Fibre! This one is called Border Crossing. I attempted to split the entire length, but in sections, so I could spin each half onto two bobbins in order to minimise the barberpole effect. Not that I have anything against barberpoling – it was just an experiment. Needless to say it didn’t work so well, but I’m very happy with the result anyway. It’s not my best work in terms of being underspun and underplied here and there, but am sure it’ll knit up just fine. It’s almost certain this will be a toasty scarf for winter.

2 thoughts on “SCF Border Crossing”

  1. i heart your skein!

    i’ve heard these types colours (non crayon-y sorts of colours) as ‘off’ colours- not ‘off’ in a bad way; they’re just left of centre, original, unique 🙂

    Can see this as a scarf to wear amongst the Kanuaka trees…

  2. Thanks Paula (am just a tad behind on responding to comments… heh). I’m with you – left of centre is a good place to be. Except in politics. Mostly. But we won’t go there cos they all wear polyester and that’s BAD! 😀

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