Self-Striping Socks

I picked up several balls of this self-striping sock yarn from Spotlight (the name of which escapes me at the moment) for about $9/ball – bargain! The result was a fun and fast knit, and a cosy pair of socks which I chuck through the wash with only a small amount of pilling. Or that might be because they’re often bedsocks too. It’s a thinner yarn than what I’ve purchased from boutique vendors, but that’s having no effect on comfort, plus I get a cheap pair of handknit socks for a change. Not that I mind paying $19+ for hand-dyed merino sock yarn, just not every time I feel the urge to whip up some socks.

How did I end up with a matching pair? Simple – wasted a bit of yarn on the second sock so I could start with the same colour as the first.

Self Striping Socks