Silky Sweet & Majestic

The stash-busting, bobbin-emptying exercise continues!

I spent this weekend spinning silk – Bombyx Mori and Tussah. I know silk is the epitome of luxury fibres… well, apart from vicuna, perhaps… digressing… but frankly, I’m not sure it would make it to my list of top fun fibres to work with. It’s incredibly fly-away, and if the top doesn’t get drafted quickly enough, you spin lovely silk rope. Which, admittedly, is pretty easy to undo, but still…


However, all that aside, the end result is lovely. Just 50g of each in this lot, so I’ll definitely need to get some more if I want to make something out of it. Oh go on then – twist my arm!

Next we take a short break from the bobbin-emptying for something Majestic – the Southern Cross Fibre Club offering from November 2009. Told you I was stash-busting! This is oatmeal BFL top and is going to be my first attempt at spinning a 3-ply yarn for socks. Wish me luck, I think I’m going to need it…

SCF Majestic