Spinning Update

What’s been on and off my wheel in recent months? Quite a lot actually, starting with the most recent:

Currently spinning Dingo (NZ Polwarth top from Southern Cross Fibre):


Had a dyeing day with the CF Red Hill group and came home with this (lime/black merino top, over-dyed brown alpaca):

Finished Night in a Forest (Icelandic top) – man, this stuff is coarse! I’ve spun it as rough singles and will most likely use for a felted bag:

Icelandic: Night In A Forest

Thorny Devil (Australian merino top) has been spun and Navajo-plied. It’s hard to get it even, but I console myself with the knowledge that 1) I’m hypercritical of my own work and 2) no-one will notice when it’s all knitted up into something:

Australian Merino: Thorny Devil

Southern Cross Fibre Club purchases:

October: Angelfish, Australian Merino top

September: Sprout, Polwarth/Tussah Silk (80/20 mix)

That’s it for now. And I still have multiple fleeces to get through, and SCF fibre arrives every month. Am loving it!

2 thoughts on “Spinning Update”

  1. oooh oooh! love the over dyed brown alpaca top!

    peole often say dying alpaca fibres is tricky but looks like you’ve got the knack for it.

  2. Er, I may have stuffed the alpaca, actually – but at least it looks pretty! 😉

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