Spun merino mix

I got a half bag of this fibre which I think is merino – sure looks, feels and spins like it. Possibly mixed with something else. I’m still spinning slightly lumpy yarn but I’m improving. Although I could just say “that’s the charm of handspun”, I suppose…

Used my skein winder for this rather than a niddynoddy. I don’t think I’ll ever use a niddynoddy again – the skein winder was brilliant!

2 thoughts on “Spun merino mix”

  1. Yes, the colour variations have turned out nicely now it’s spun up. I thought it was a solid green, but no. It’ll be even better felted – won’t see all that thick thin thick thin – am sooooo looking forward to the day when I can spin a consistent thickness… *sigh*

    I want perfection NOW! 😉

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