Tackling Bobbin Lace

Due to a bad case of tennis elbow (or perhaps more appropriately – knitter’s elbow!), I’m having to take a break from knitting and crocheting. Even spinning is curtailed to short bursts. Fortunately, I went along to the recently held Creative Fibre Auckland Area Retreat and seem to have picked up a possible new craft – bobbin lace.


At first glance it seems impossibly fiddly (it is) and the domain of the mad and OCD-afflicted (it is). Yet somehow I find the exacting nature of the work quite relaxing. Plus, it doesn’t exacerbate the elbow injury. The bobbins themselves are also ridiculously cute, and I like cute. Especially cute with bling!


On the last day of the Retreat, I was admiring someone else tackling a very fiddly bit of lace, when somehow I found myself beginning work on a practice piece… and agreeing to go along to the lacemaker’s guild. Not sure how this has happened, not sure how long it will last, but I guess we’ll see how mad I am… or not, as the case may be…