The Hard Life Continues

On the way back from visiting the Parental Units, I visited friends camping in the Golden Cross valley. Eventually I wandered down to the stream to practice my photography – I’m endeavouring to justify the purchase of a DSLR camera, as my point-and-shoot is about to have a very fatal accident due to its extreme craptasticness!!

Standing mid-stream, I listened to the sound of water tumbling over rocks, and birds cheeping all around me and shot this short video clip:

So restful. Practicing a spot of macro photography, I got this little fellow:

The rest of the afternoon was whiled away in most pleasurable fashion, chatting and laughing with my friends, sipping delicious chilled beers, then scoffing a yummy crepes suzette on the side. Honestly, lazy summer days just don’t get better than this.

Today’s creative effort: Never stop wondering, pondering, exploring, experimenting, being curious…

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