The not-so-seekrit project is DONE!

MUM – go away NOW! You’re not allowed to look here till AFTER CHRISTMAS! Go on. Off you go.

Right. Now she’s gone we can talk…

Oh. Thank. God. My first-ever lace project is done and blocked. It’s a much-belated present for my mum, and quite possibly the only person in my family who will truly appreciate something like this, because she’s a knitter too. I won’t be uploading all the pictures until after Christmas when mum’s seen it, but here’s a small sample of the finished product:

Tongues of Fire lace pattern

I’m going to wash it gently to settle the fibres though. I think I was a bit rough with the steam blocking process. No damage, but the fibres are a bit ‘sticky’. I’m hoping a wash will bring out the merino loveliness, make everything lie down and chillax…

Tongues of Fire is a 16-row repeat. I am an unbelievably slow knitter, cursed with the attention span of a flea, so this project (See? I’m not quite saying what it is… shhhh) took a couple of months to complete. I wish I’d taken note of when I started, but no matter. The most important thing is that determined persistence won the day (for a change) and I’m very happy with the result, and am sure Mum will be too.

Other things I’ve been doing over the last month have been making Christmas cards and learning to tat. Yes, tat. This is a beautiful lace-making method that my grandmother was amazing at. I have a big pile of her tatted doilies and cherish each one of them. I spent all weekend trying to figure out how to do it – watched loads of YouTube vids and read lots of tutorials. Each and every one of them was crap. Why? Because not ONE of them said to release the tension on your left hand, pull the shuttle thread taut with your right hand, THEN raise your left fingers again to create tension THUS ‘flipping’ the stitch to the right side of the shuttle thread. If you don’t do this, the stitch won’t slide along the shuttle thread. Fortunately, a friend of mine is a very experienced tatter and showed me the trick. Can’t beat the personal touch, now can you! I shall now practice and practice until I can form beautiful stitches and make purty rings with picots and stuff.

Persistence and determination are going to win the day again, by crikey!

2 thoughts on “The not-so-seekrit project is DONE!”

  1. curse you! Tatting is on my to do list as well and now you’ve made me want to try and learn straight away…

    but now that you’ve worked it out for me, you can show me too.

    my aunty was an amazing tatter as well

  2. Bwahaha… Sadly I can’t crow about my outstanding success… cos there is none. I absolutely suck at tatting, but am undeterred. There are clearly some tricks to it, and I shall just persist, so I will, I will. Feel free to commiserate with me at your leisure. Strong coffee may come in handy… just sayin’… 😉

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