Twist, a Rose, and Heavy Metal

Well, look who followed me home this weekend from Twist in Thames! Yes, it’s a Rose from Majacraft. It was great to meet the talented gents who make these gorgeous wheels, and it was Andrew who made mine (signed and everything). Being the most dreadful impulse buyer, I was incredibly lucky they had the lovely Miss Rose at Thames. Sold!

In addition to the Rose, I also purchased several other irresistable items – a hand-tooled leather ‘wearable wallet’ (the most I’ve ever spent on a handbag, so I’m in handbag heaven), luscious bags of alpaca/silk (which is currently being spun on the Rose – of course), felting merino, a lucet (just because, ok?!) and I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of a little weaving loom – like the ones we made as kids – rectangle of wood with loads of nails in it. Cool!

Once home with all my goodies, I spent the rest of the evening assembling the Rose, and I have to say – after YEARS of deliberating whether or not to get one, I’m so glad I did. This thing halves my spinning time, and the action is so smooth, it’s a real treat to use. I’d never give up my trusty Ashford Traveller, but it’s great to finally have two awesome wheels to knock yarn out on.

On the needles (still) is the Cultivated Vines sweater. Slow going at the moment because I’m terribly distracted by all sorts of writing commitments. There’s the Creative Fibre newsletter to write for/edit/publish, proofing and writing for the fabulous NEW digital-only craft magazine Entangled (get your free preview at, and a column for the Creative Fibre national magazine. It’s quite a bit, but I’m enjoying exercising my writing skills. Who knows, I may improve!

And finally, last night I went to the Disturbed concert. It was really good, although the sound could be a whole lot better at Vector, quite frankly. The music was so loud that I actually had slightly sore ears after – all recovered today though. Opening acts are always interesting – you can really tell the difference what more experience in front of larger audiences does for a band. As I Lay Dying are very good, but Trivium took it to another level. Frontman Matt Heafy expertly covered a technical issue when Nick Augusto’s kick pedal broke, with an unbroken stream of entertaining chatter. Mere minutes later they were roaring again. When Disturbed came on, naturally we all went nuts and pretty much stayed nuts for the rest of the show… except for the encore which included Indestructible (thanks to the band for their acknowledgement of New Zealand’s seemingly endless series of natural disasters and the undaunted Kiwi spirit) and show-ender Down with the Sickness, where we all took it to a new level and really let rip. What a great night.

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  1. Hi there, I was looking for pinwheel scone recipes and found this web site run by a spinner. What a delightful surprise to see a Rose on it! I am looking forward to trying out the scones with my children!

    (Andrew from Majacraft 🙂 )

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