U2 Concert

Last night, a friend and I went to see U2 at Mt Smart Stadium (Auckland, New Zealand). We caught one of the many, many free buses out there and had a noisy, happy, singalong ride, arriving just in time to hear the end of JayZ’s set (who I’d never heard of – that’s how into hiphop I am).

It was a magic concert. The 360 stage was just fantastic – so big and impressive. We were in the $300 seats so we had a great view (my crappy point-and-shoot camera doesn’t do it justice). Surrounded by like-minded wildly happy fans, we rocked our socks off to pretty much every song. A particularly poignant moment was when Bono paid tribute to the lost Pike River Miners, then sang One Tree Hill, as the names of the dead scrolled up the video screen.

Well-prepared, I could see past the the inevitable preachy, Christian overtones, and just enjoy all the old favourites, along with the new. There were some songs included in the set that made a lot of people scratch their heads as to why they were performed instead of more popular numbers. But I guess if you’re (arguably) the biggest band in the world, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

Overall, it was a brilliant concert with something for everyone. One thing I particularly enjoyed was the fact that there were people there of all age ranges – from folks in their 60s to kids with their parents. U2 have definitely gone multi-generational, and I would definitely go see them again – even at those eye-watering ticket prices.

My camera took better videos than photos, which is unfortunate. Hopefully I’ll have it replaced by something with more grunt by the time Disturbed get here next May.

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