Vintage Textile Fair

Sometimes I enjoy shopping. Today was one of those times. Even though I did my back in yesterday, I flatly refused to miss out on today’s Vintage Textile Fair held at Alexandra Park. After scoring free parking, GrannyG and I moseyed around the Fair oohing and aahing over oh-so-many gorgeous (but often rather pricey) things. Eventually I settled on a pretty scarf, a darning mushroom, and a vintage linen embroidered tablecloth (bargain at $20!!).

Vintage Fair Purchases

If/when this Fair returns, I am definitely going again. There are some good bargains to be had, loads of gorgeous and interesting stuff, but also a fair amount of (to me) over-priced op shop finds being flogged at several hundred percent markup.

Still, I’m very happy with what I picked up, and the prices were very fair. We stopped off for coffee at the Auckland Farmers’ Market on the way back to the car; I grabbed some fresh bread on the way out, and we were randomly yelled at by some odd person in a craptastic Toyota as we enthusiatically admired the cute-as-can-be Minis being displayed out front. Apparently we are “Mini enthusiasts”. We are now so informed… 😉

2 thoughts on “Vintage Textile Fair”

  1. How gorgeous are your purchases, beautiful scarf and i love the embroidery on the table cloth, so gorgeous.

    Ahh the good old Mini, i have to say that they really dont make them like they used to :0)

  2. You would go absolutely bonkers at this Fair. Were you saving dosh by not rocking along? You’ll have no such luck next time it’s on… 😉

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