World Wide Knit In Public Day

This year I went along to a WWKIP event that was being held at the Atrium Cafe in the Auckland War Memorial Museum. I was expecting just a few ladies from the Knit Rangers, so it was a pleasant surprise to walk in and see the place pretty much taken over by knitters! There they were – over 40 women of all ages and walks of life, thoroughly enjoying themselves, knitting and chatting away over coffee and munchies. It was a thoroughly pleasant way to while away the afternoon. I just wish I’d got my act together earlier so I could spend some quality time wandering through the museum, but perhaps another day.

WWKIP 2009

WWKIP 2009

WWKIP 2009

As Jasmine, Sarah and I were leaving, I caught a few shots of the memorial stones along one side of the museum. It occurred to me that these memorials are over every window, denoting battles major and minor from (presumably) the First World War on. It was a poignant counter-note to an afternoon that couldn’t have been further from armed conflict if it tried…

Auckland Museum

Outside the Auckland Museum

Do you know what this one for Beaudignies memorialises? A ‘minor’ engagement at the River Selle in France, during the First World War. So many battles…


Lest we forget…

Cenotaph at the Auckland War Memorial Museum

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