WorldWide Knit In Public Day

A bunch of us Knit Rangers trekked over to Waiheke Island to commemorate WWKIP. Basically, a brilliant excuse to spend the entire day knitting to our heart’s content.

We caught the 10.00 am ferry, which had engine problems as we neared the island, so it took a little longer to get to the wharf – but that just meant more knitting time. Then a bone-jarring, faster-than-light bus ride to Ostend, as can only be experienced in a bus driven by someone who does the trip a bazillion times a day, every day.

At the Ostend Market, we met up with other WWKIP knitters who had grabbed some space under a big ol’ tree which was being vigorously clambered over by small, wiry children. Luckily the only thing to fall out of the tree was leaves…

Around midday the market closed and those of us left wandered down the road to Nourish Cafe where we had a bite to eat and drink, and to carry on knitting. Light rain began to fall as we wandered back to catch the bus to the ferry. The return ride was possibly even more bone-jarring than before!

Not quite ready to end the day on our return to the Auckland wharves, we visited Mascos in Downtown to ooh and aah over some fibre lusciousness, before saying our farewells.

A big thank you to Sue for organising this outing! Personally, I’m rather keen on heading back to Waiheke and repeating the experience. Maybe on a sunny day, on the golden sands of one of the many lovely beaches…

And now for a few pics… (see full Flickr Photostream)

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